Training begins…

I had a great run yesterday. Temperature in the mid 50’s gave me the opportunity to run in shorts and short sleeves, the legs felt good and my mind was racing with what seemed like a million thoughts on the upcoming year.

Not having run much over the past five weeks I didn’t have the chance to have that kind of flow of ideas that clears my head every once and a while. It was good to feel that again.

I realized that I missed it so much that I’m moving my formal Ironman trainig up a little bit so I can begin to take advantage of the momentum I built up yesterday. Suzan isn’t going to have my first training block ready until mid-January so I’ll be winging it a bit for the next couple of weeks. I dug up the first month’s training block that Suzan gave me for the 2006 Ironman race so that will give me something to work with.

Not only will I begin to track my training again but I’ll also begin tracking my nutrition today. I’ve taken a break from both since doing the Green Mountain marathon. While it’s been nice not keeping track for a while, I have to admit that I’m looking forward to the structure and focus that will be required.

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