Equipment and lines of credit

It’s been over a month since I gotten a run in because of the “rib incident“. I love to go out and run early on holidays, so this morning I decided to test out the healing and go out for a while.  Formal Ironman training starts in a little over a week and I’m antsy to begin to a regular training schedule again.

It was an unusually warm morning with an air temp of 40 degrees but with a pretty strong wind.  I was able to wear shorts!  Haven’t done that on a Christmas day run in a while.
I was only about out for about 40 minutes and usually no matter the distance I run my mind will wonder across several subjects. I imaging lots of triathletes experience the same thing.  This morning was different, all I could think about was equipment and lines of credit?!  I tried moving my head to other subjects but to no avail…I had a completely one track line of thinking. To give some perspective, I work for an equipment and business finance company, could that be why? 
The rib felt good so I’ll probably try again tomorrow. It will be interesting to if my mind can move on to any other subjects…

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