Greg Goodson, Co-Founder, Rafflecopter

TL;DR Dave is a kickass, goal-oriented, intelligent marketer, and talented leader.

Dave worked on the Rafflecopter team for close to 3 years. His responsibilities at our company were many. Dave was a marketing swiss army knife, originally hired specifically for a customer acquisition and growth role, but quickly progressed his duties to content creation, product management, analytics, and beyond.

All of Dave’s duties were pivotal into supporting our growing community surrounding our product, used by hundreds of thousands of people. He helped manage the on boarding process of potential customers, which included a mix of customer outreach and customer development. In addition to a deep understanding of our company’s internal analytics, Dave also possessed a firm grasp of the emotional side of our customers and why they used our product.

Dave was able to adapt quickly to the fast-paced work environment that you’ll find at a software startup like ours. At a small company like ours, it’s easy to see who is putting in the extra hours, and Dave was always going above and beyond in his duties. Dave’s leadership qualities and attention to detail were second to none and stood out amongst his peers.

Dave is very well organized, diligent, and was a very loyal employee and supporter at our company. His attitude was infectious; everyone loved him around the office. Working with Dave so closely the last 3 years has been a highlight of my professional career. Needless to say, I highly recommend Dave for employment.

Justin Ratner, Co-Founder, Rafflecopter

I had the pleasure of working with Dave at Rafflecopter for nearly 3 years. Dave is a soldier. Give him a mission, and he’ll do everything in his power to meet the objective. A startup goes through a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, but people like Dave help keep the organization focused and moving forward. Even with his mission-oriented style, he remains balanced and open to new ideas.

You should hire Dave if you care about keeping your organization’s goals measurable. He’s a skillful operator when it comes to pulling data together from many sources and creating a coherent and quantitative picture of the organization. A founder’s vision can only materialize when the strategy for achieving it is grounded in reality. Dave not only understands this but knows how to put it into action.

Just as he does with all of his co-workers, Dave will also show your customers a great deal of respect and patience. Don’t hesitate to give him face-time with customers. He’ll go to great lengths to make a customer’s day. He’s also at home managing customer support teams.

Give Dave a great place to work, and you won’t be disappointed.

Steve Lankler, Managing Director And Business Head, CIT Digital Small Business Solutions

Dave Criswell is remarkable, a linchpin, indispensable, an artist, a shipper, passionate, innovative, proactive, hard working, relentless, organized, focused, and so much more. He’s what every manager could ever wish for in his/her department and destined to be the one that is running that department.

I only had about a year to work with Dave, but it felt like 10 years. He drove change. He challenged us to be better. He took us to new places rapidly. He worked harder than 99.99% of people. He taught me new things. He stayed educated around the clock. He had the secret sauce that drives success in droves…skill + passion. He smiled the entire time.

I was consistently blown away by his level of production, but quality was never sacrificed. He could execute all day long. I feel tremendously fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Dave. He changed the course of my career and he is truly destined for big success. He will always be a friend, adviser, confidant and consultant.

And by the way, he also finds time to train for and complete iron man triathlons in his spare time…not much more to say…he is a bona fide Superstar.