New year’s day run

I’ve written before that I really enjoy running on holidays.  I had a great run on both Thanksgiving and Christmas day this year and I was really looking forward to my New Year’s Day run…kind of a way to shock the system to help give a different perspective on the upcoming new year.

With all the cold and snowy weather we have over the past few weeks, as new year’s day approached I have kept close tabs to see what the weather might be that day.  It wasn’t looking good leading up to the day and lived up to the forecast.
My training schedule had 1 hour 20 minutes slated for Sunday, but I decided to move it to New Year’s Day since I wanted to do a run anyway.  I’ve clocked the distance from my house to the indoor pool in Downtown Dover which is about 4 miles.  I figured that going there and back would put me at about the time I wanted.
I waited until late morning in hopes of the temperature warming up as much as possible. That didn’t happen. showed an air temp of 7 degrees and wind chill of -11 degrees.  Winds were showing 17 mph with gusts of 25 mph.  I started to re-think my plan.

As I looked at my cold weather running gear I thought I could put on enough layers to stay comfortable for a while.  My layers consisted of two running briefs, long sleeve pants with a wind layer, one long sleeve thermal base layer, a wind proof jacket, wind proof vest, balaklava, hat, running gloves and mittens. I thought about two pairs of socks but decided to go with one.
About 15 minutes into the run I look at my watch to see how my heart rate was doing and noticed the signal had gotten lost.  I pressed the button that is supposed to re-engage the monitor, and through some combination of a low battery and sub-zero temperatures the watch completely shut down.  Excellent….
The wind and the windswept snowy roads were as I expected. Running up hills was pretty much useless as each step forward seemed to put me no further ahead.  But I made it through and felt good that I finished.
As much of a struggle as it was, it was a good way to start the new year.
Thankfully I had my route planned 

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