Thanks @comcastcares

I’ve been on Twitter for a little while now and have used it primarily to connect with others who have similar interests – triathlon, social media, sales profession, etc.  During my time on Twitter I have also read about businesses utilizing Twitter in creative and unique ways, though most of those business have been of the small and nimble kind.

It was a rare find when one could find big business taking hold of social tools and using them in an effective way.  So rare in fact that I co-authored a post on the Hubspot blog with Peter Caputa on the subject. Tonight I was able to see how Comcast is ahead of the curve is using social media to connect with their customers.

After experiencing several power blips throughout the day, I returned home to find no Internet.  So I gotComcast on the phone to help me figure out the problem.  While I was on hold I sent a tweet that I was on hold with Comcast.  Soon thereafter I see an @reply from @comcast cares on Twitter asking if I needed any help!

It turns out that I the tech was able to help me out and I didn’t need the assist of @comcastcares, but Comcast just gained huge points in my book by proactively reaching out to me.  In the big picture, social media is in it’s infancy but I think it is companies like Comcast, who are jumping into the game early, that will create a deeper connection with the customer and yield the greatest returns from their early adoption.

Any time I felt like my business really mattered to a company it has been from a small company and never with a company the size of Comcast. Thanks @comcastcares.

What other big companies are early adopters of social media?

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