Sport specific training

The more years I’ve spent in triathlon the better I’ve come to understand the importance of sport specific training.  It’s critical that you put the hours and mileage into swimming, biking and running in order to perform your best on race day.

Last night I was brutally reminded of the importance of sport specific training.
I played basketball in high school  and would consider myself an average to above average player.  Every year my alma mater has alumni game in which the “old timers” (those who graduate more than 5 years ago – I just had my 20th HS reunion) play the Junior Varsity team.  I’ve played off and on over the years depending on which of my friends were also in town.
This year’s game was last night and even though none of my high school buddies were in town, I decided to go play.  I just did the Green Mountain marathon the beginning of last month and I’ve been running, biking and swimming pretty regularly since the race.  What I’m saying is that I’m in pretty good shape and figured I would be able to run circles around those 14 and 15 year old JV players.
The harsh reality of my sport specific training up to this point is that I was not prepared for the short sprints and starting/stopping nature of playing basketball.  To say nothing of the fact that I hadn’t picked up a basketball in several months (which also showed dramatically!).
If I go to play at next year’s game, I’m going to make sure that I get a little sport specific training in before game day!

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