Can I Please Interrupt you?

Last week I co-authored a post on the Hubspot blog that discussed the mistakes that Fortune 500 companies are making around social medial marketing and sales, and how small business can take advantage of it.  It wasn’t hard to find examples of mistakes that big companies were making in their heavy use of interruption based marketing.

I was recently watching a clip from The Office, the parody show on office life brought over from the BBC.  At the end of the video clip was a great message that takes interruption based marketing to a new level!

After ad blocking software blocked the interruption ad, they took it a step further by asking me (politely of course) to turn off this softwre so they could interrupt me with a message I most likely had no interest in seeing!

Originally I found the clip on one of the sales blogs that I read and it is a pretty funny sales role play.  If you are so inclined I’ve included a link to the video at the bottom of this post.

The office role play clip

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