Happy Birthday to me

I celebrated my birthday today with a track workout at UNH. It was a beautiful morning – low 40’s, nice sunrise and I was all by myself on the track.

Did you ever see the movie Evan Almighty when Evan saw a message to him on an LED road sign? I thought I was having an Evan moment this morning.

I’m running around the track doing the intervals that my coach gave me and I see on the dark football scoreboard one of the LED lights lit up at full power. At first I thought it was a reflection from star or one of the spot lights around the field.

I didn’t think the light could actually be on because I was all alone and why would anything be on the scoreboard at 5:30 AM? After a few more laps I see the light go off and on several times – very weird. It’s my birthday, I’m still half asleep and suffering from oxygen debt during my intervals so maybe in some deep recess of my mind, I thought there was something going on with the scoreboard that wasn’t random.

I kept watching as I made my loops, which was actually a good distraction that made the laps go by faster, but the scoreboard never lit up any more than that one light. Guess it wasn’t a sign from God like Evan experienced. I guess it was just my birthday, I was half asleep and suffering from oxygen debt.

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