I did my first long slow distance in a while on Sunday. It was 15 miles and as luck would have it the bike ride I did with Connor earlier this week was 7.6 miles and included about 2 miles on trails in College Woods.

Suzan wanted me to keep my HR between 130 and 145 which frankly is higher than I’ve done my long runs in the past. They have probably been closer to 125 – 135 but then again my long runs have averaged around 9 – 9:15 minute miles. My run on Sunday averaged an 8:39/mile. The speed work I’ve been doing must be paying off!

My legs felt pretty beat up but I’m still running on my old shoes. Hopefully the new ones will be in today. I’m still waiting on my order from Runner’s Alley.

With Sunday’s run my week stood at 10 1/2 hours of training, including 3000 yards of swimming, 36 miles of biking and just over 48 miles of running. There haven’t been many weeks when my run mileage has been higher than my bike mileage!

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