Riding with my boy

Connor and I went for a bike ride last night. My training schedule had an easy 1 hour spin for yesterday so I asked if he wanted to join me and I was psyched he was up for it.

We took the mountain bikes over to college woods and had a great time (we even saw a deer!). We avoided some of the more technical terrain but found a great trail that followed along the Oyster River.

I had a great Dad moment on the way back. We were almost home heading down a hill and I was riding behind him. Connor crouched down on the bike to try and get as aerodynamic as possible. His long hair was sticking out the back of his helment waving in the wind. It reminded me of my early years on a bike and what a great feeling it was to be riding – one of the earlier feelings of freedom and independence I can remember. I hop he was feeling some of those same things.

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