Volunteer at Ironman Lake Placid

My son and I volunteered at Ironman Lake Placid last year and we’ll be doing so again this year. My plan is to sign up for Ironman Lake Placid ’09 while I am there.

If you have never been to an Ironman event, I HIGHLY recommend doing so, and it is especially worthwhile to do as a volunteer. The energy, excitement, joy and pain is unlike anything you will ever experience.

I’ve included an e-mail I received from the captain of the Boathouse Aid Station who is looking for help in Lake Placid this year.

Hi Folks,

Well, it’s past time…again. Interesting, as I look back at least years message we’re actually a day or two earlier. If you’ve volunteered for us before or been solicited to volunteer, we apologize if the message below sounds vaguely familiar (we’re hoping that most folks have a memory half-life of less than a year like Jeff’s so it’ll all seem new to you! ; ) ), but for expediency’s sake it helps us to send a message that seems to cover all the bases in past years.

We are once again looking for enthusiastic and fun folks who are interested in volunteering some of their time and effort at an Aid Station on the run portion of the 10th Lake Placid IronMan, Sunday 20 July 2007. It’s a fun time and incredible watching these folks grind out 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking and 26.2 miles of running….all in one day !

We have again been assigned to the aid station that runners will go through in the Village of Lake Placid before they head out for their second loop and again just before they finish. It’s near (but not at!) the Boathouse Restaurant on the far side of Mirror Lake and therefore is called the “Boathouse” aid station.

Jobs at the station generally include prepping drinks and food, handing out drinks and food, passing out sponges, etc.; clean-up (constant throughout the day); set-up and take down. We will be set up on one side of the road with tables for drinks and snacks for the competitors. The most important thing that we hand out is a good positive spirit! The runners just show so much appreciation and it’s so inspiring to see them out there doing it ! You just can’t help coming away from it with a great experience ! It’s a great experience for kids too !

Lunch is paid for by IM, and all volunteers receive a T-Shirt.

There is a contest from aid station to aid station based on the theme of the aid station (decorations, costumes, music, etc.). The IM organizers are always looking for innovative and interesting new ideas (beach themes, Hawaii themes, tropical themes etc. are tired and old). We’re looking for a volunteer volunteer (get it?) who is interested in heading up a little sub-committee to choose a station theme and make that theme happen…anyone interested? Wanda? Also let us know if you’d like to work with whoever heads up that sub-committee.

For those of you who have done this before (last year or previousyears) we’d also really appreciate feedback on how we can run the station better, so that volunteers can have a more enjoyable time while still serving the athletes. IronmanUSA has developed a new online registration application that will help coordinate the volunteer portion of the 2008 event for them. If you are interested in volunteering, please go to http://www.ironmanusa.com/ open the Volunteer link and register. Note: Although you will be required to enter 3 volunteer choices whenregistering, please be sure to enter Boathouse as your first choice.

All we need directly from you is your preferred volunteer time. All shifts are available right now. We will begin at 12:00 p.m. again this year, last year seemed to work just about right prep-wise. The work progresses thru the day until midnight when the race officially closes (our aid station is very close to the finish and so must stay open until just about the close of the race). Shifts are 4 hours long…you are welcome to work more than 4 hours (the longer you can stay the more help it’ll be! Some folks stay all day!), but we need at least that long to fully staff the station. Please send usyour preferred shift(s).

Thanks for considering it! It’s going to be a great time! And if you know anybody else who might be interested in this, please feel free to forward this e-mail along. Cheers !

Janet & Jeff Herter and John Firlings

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