I’m a lucky man

First of all I’m lucky because such a great wife who puts up with the experience I’m about to describe.

Second of all, I am lucky all that came out of my ride yesterday were tired legs.

My training calendar called for a 2 1/2 hour ride. The weather was cloudy, drizzly and in the 40’s so I had contemplated most of the morning whether or not to get on the trainer again or finally take the opportunity to ride outside. With the forecast supposed to improve throughout the day I decided to ride outside but use my road bike (rather than my tri-bike) since it was already off the trainer plus I didn’t mind riding my older road bike on the wet and sandy roads.

I put on my warmest clothes and headed out. It was really nice to be off the trainer and on the roads again. I decided to take it easy and head towards the coast where the terrain was a little flatter. I was seated for the beginning of the ride as the terrain never required me to get out of the saddle.

About 30 minutes into the ride is a short steep hill on the old Pease Air Force Base. I downshifted and got out of the saddle for the climb. At the top I sat back down and my back wheel froze up?! I unclipped and started to take a look for the cause. The brake pads weren’t up against the rim nor was the wheel up against the chain stay. So, I had no idea what was keeping the real wheel from moving forward? As I investigated further I noticed the problem. My rear wheel quick release was missing! The only thing holding my rear wheel in place was my body weight. Apparently when I got out of the saddle it knocked the wheel loose enough that it stopped spinning.

After cursing at myself several times I finally called my wife to let her know I needed a ride. She is used to getting these calls but they are normally for flats that have been unrepairable. I wasn’t excited to tell her that I had been riding for 10 miles on a what was essentially a wheel with no axle. At this point I had assumed that I’d be heading back to the house and riding my final 2 hours on the trainer. However, my wife, being the incredible wife that she is suggested that the quick release be brought out to me so I could finish the ride outside. She suggested this while she was right in the middle of preparing for a family birthday dinner.

My father-in-law came out to bring me the quick release and I finished my ride. The weather turned much better, the sun came out and I actually felt like I was overdressed by the time I finished my ride. As it turns out the wind was in my face for most of the ride back and I finish the last 30 minutes of the ride with mostly uphill terrain. This made the end of the ride challenging but fulfilling, once I finished.

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