Bump in the road

Last week I hit a bump in the road with my training. Some avoidable, some not.

I was able to get two tickets to the Celtics game last Monday night which I brought my son to. Even though they lost we had a great time. As my son said, “it was good father-son bonding time”. On the way home, it was 11 PM on Route 1 and traffic came to a standstill. We moved about 1 mile in 45 minutes because the Mass. DOT decided to close all but one lane to do some kind of construction. The result – we got home at 1 AM, on a school night. My Tuesday morning was shot but I was able to make it to Masters swimming that night. This was the avoidable bump, we didn’t need to go to the game.

The unavoidable really made it a tough week. At about 1 AM our home phone rang, never a good thing. It was my Mom (who lives 2 miles away), she wasn’t feeling well. She had been dizzy since 10:30 the night before and was nauseaus. She was really pale when I got to her house so I ended up bringing her to the ER. Everything is good now, turned out to be an inner ear infection that was causing vertigo. I walked back in the door around 4:30 AM on Wednesday, so needless to say my Wednesday workouts were shot.

I was able to get some training in on Thursday but not Friday. Saturday I was on the trainer (again!) for two hours and hit the UNH pool for a swim afterwards. Sunday was a one hour run and one hour swim.

All in all I was OK with the hours I got in given the bumps but as I build up for the summer racing season, I don’t want to have too many weeks like the last one.

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