Back with an old friend

I had a workout on the schedule that specified using my tri bike this week. Up to this point I had my road bike hooked up to the trainer. My road bike is a decent one, it is a Trek 2000 that I’ve had for about four or five years. I’ve had it fitted by Fitwerx in VT and other than the drivetrain (currently Shimano 105) needing to be replaced (there is about 3,000 miles on it) it is still a good solid bike. It has some sentimental value as it is the bike I used for my first tri, my first century and my first half ironman.

However, two years ago I was fortunate enough to get a custom built Serotta CXII (roman numerals for 112, the bike mileage in an ironman), a bike with tri-specfic geometry. I got this bike the year I did Ironman Lake Placid. So, I spent many, many hours on this bike prepping for that race. Last year I didn’t do a lot of winter work on the trainer so as soon as it was nice enough I was out on my Serotta and didn’t ride the Trek much. This year my winter training was much more regular and I used my Trek just to keep the mileage off the Serotta since I was just building my aerobic base up.

So, when I got back on the Serotta after several months of using my Trek it made me realize how much I love the Serotta and what a difference a custom bike makes.

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