Long session with GSTC

Today was a long training session with the club at the Gunstock Inn. Coincidentally I got a bunch of free ski tickets for Gunstock from a promotion the dealership I just bought a car from and my wife & son were able to ski while I was training.

We started the training session with a 2500 yard swim. It was great to get some stroke feedback from my coach while I was there. She could see some progress from the last time I was at one of the coached trainings. I finally have stopped crossing the mid-point of my body. Next on the fix list is to work on my rotation and hand exit.

After swimming we did a core workout in the weight room. I haven’t been as consistent on my core workouts as I’d like so it felt good to get that in.

Next on the agenda was a 1 hour run with the club plus an additional 30 minutes on my own. I finished my core workout early with a couple of others so we left for a run early. One of the guys I ran with is new to the club this year and has lost 75 pounds over the past 2 years! He’s doing his first triathlon this year. I love stories like that. They help to put struggles that I may perceive as too hard into perspective. Losing another 10-15 pounds before the first tri of the year now doesn’t seem like that big a deal.

So, after I ran for a 1/2 hour with the first group, the rest of the club was ready to go. This was a great run also. I was able to run with my coach for the entire run. She’s a great coach and a great person so we had some good conversation while we ran. Once we got back I still had another 15 minutes to get in so I went out solo for the rest.

I came over to Gunstock to get the family and they were just eating lunch when I got there. They weren’t done skiing yet so here I am in the lodge writing in my blog in between my son calling me on the new two way radios he got for his birthday yesterday. Thankfully there is wireless which helps pass the time a little quicker.

Random thought – when is the last time you heard Billy Squire’s Stroke Me, it just played in the Gunstock lodge?!

As a result of the birthday party yesterday and visiting friends I didn’t get my 1 hour 45 minute ride in, so tomorrow it will be an early morning to fit the ride and a leg workout in.

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