Trainer time

I decided to take Friday off from a workout. I did two workouts on Thursday and then didn’t feel tired once I got home and ended up going to be around 11. Sleeping in until 6 Friday morning felt nice.

I went a little overboard on the calorie intake yesterday, but it was worth it. My family rarely gets a time to eat at the same time at the dinner table. Last night we were able to do just that and for occasion I picked up pasta from one of our favorite local companies, Terracotta pasta. After a generous serving of pasta, a few slices of fresh bread with olive oil dip, topped off by a small bowl of ice cream, I’m sure I was over on my calories for the day. Particularly with no workout yesterday. Normally I’m keeping track of everything I eat on Training Peaks to make sure my calorie and macronutrient propotions are OK. I logged my intake yesterday, right up until Dinner, after which I figured I would not worry about it for the night.

We received several inches of snow yesterday and last night so rather than do a run I decided to do a good 90 minute session on the trainer. Netflix made the boredom of the trainer bearable from a good quality movie call “I Now Pronouce You Chuck & Larry” with Adam Sandler. Not the best storyline but it helped to pass the time.

The plan for tomorrow is to do a long run. I’m hoping to catch up with a friend from the GSTC. It’s always more enjoyable doing a long Sunday run with a buddy.

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