Today ended up being very busy, for work and training.

I was up early this morning and got a 10k run in. There was a beautiful full moon out and even though I had a headlamp on, I really didn’t need it because the moon was so bright it was like daylight out. It was also very cold, the temperature read 10 degrees on the thermometer but the windchill read just above zero. It felt it!

Work is very busy as well. I have a big week next week and an important meeting tomorrow so I was going out straight all day.

Tonight I went to about 45 minutes of the Masters workout in Dover. I saw Brett from GSTC who looks like he is swimming well. He’ll need to he has two Ironmans this summer (yes that says 2). I could feel some leg cramping starting towards the end of the swim workout but if felt good to get two workouts in today. It’s been a while since I got this much time in on one day. I know it is just the first of many for the season.

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