Weekend skiing

No swimming, biking or running this weekend but got out skiing for the first time this season on both Saturday and Sunday. My Dad is involved with the Adaptive Sports program at Bretton Woods and for every day he volunteers he receives a free ski pass. He volunteers enough that we haven’t paid to ski there for several trips, a nice perk.

The program is a pretty incredible one, which is also in the process of raising money through the BA Blast, a major fundraising event for the organization that I’ll be taking part in with my family.

The weekend was great. It was brutally cold on Saturday (which kept the crowds away) but sunny and the snow conditions were excellent. Sunday was warmer (which brought the clouds back) and the conditions were still excellent. We got a good four hours of skiing in on both days and it was really cool to see how my son picked up right where he left off last year. He looked at my wife and I at one point while we were stopped mid-trail and said “this is awesome”. There was a genuiness and expression in his voice that was awesome to hear.

We’ll be back up in two weeks for the BA Blast Fundraiser. Hopefully we’ll still have great conditions and a little spring skiing weather!

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