Tour of Cali

I have a hard time watching most sports on TV. Team sports I get into some, baseball, football (I am a New Englander!). Almost any individual sport is a no way. Things like car racing (left, left, left) and golf (need I say more) I just can’t do. These events only last a few hours.

However, once bike racing comes on I’m hooked, to the point where my family thinks I have some issues. My Tivo in July during the Tour de France is just about filled with race footage and I watch as much as I’m able.

The Tour of California just started and I’m getting a little taste of what July will be like. Versus only has an hour of coverage a night but I’m hooked none the less. I haven’t been following during the day online like I do during the tour but it is good to get some motivation from watching these guys just as my training is beginning to ramp up.

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