It’s almost spring!?

Yes, part of that post title is wishful thinking. And yes the air temp at 9 degrees on this morning’s run (pre-windchill) feels nothing like spring. However, what brings me some hope is normally when I get back from a morning run at 6 – 6:15, it is pitch black and I still need my headlamp to see where I’m going. This morning, I got back a few minutes after 6 and I could actually see the beginnings of a sunrise starting to take shape.

Sidenote product idea – one of the negative thoughts I get that sometimes is enough to keep me in bed in the morning is the thought of putting on my cold plastic heart rate monitor after getting out of my nice warm bed. What would be great is a device that kept the plastic on the monitor warm. Or, maybe I’ll start sleeping with my heart rate monitor on 😉

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