Who do you love?

I had to share this article from Bicycling Magazine titled Who Do You Love? An uncomfortable quiz for all of us who have ever heard : “I sweart you love that bike more than me!”

I’m not sure if the graphic will show up OK so I’ve re-typed it below:

To find out something troubling about yourself, answer these 20 questions as honestly as you can. For each question, simply fill in the oval next to Bike or Spouse. If both apply, mark both. If neither applies, move on to the next question. If you’re not married, for Spouse substitute Girlfriend or Boyfriend or Etc. At the end, calculate which entity receives more of your affection, then hide these pages from everyone in your life – except your biking buddies.

1. I’ll never forget the first time I saw you.
2. I wanted you instantly
3. I often find myself daydreaming about you

4. There’s more than one photo of us together on my desk
5. I love showing you off to my friends
6. My friends often remark how attractive you are
7. In a typical week, we spend five or more hours of quality time together
8. When you’re around, I often look at you with admiration and longing
9. In the last three month, I’ve spent more than $250 on you
10. I desperately want to take you to Italy
11. Our last ride lasted more than an hour
12. It’s thrilling how you respond beneath me
13. I would never let anyone else ride you
14. You make my heart beat faster
15. You make me feel young
16. You have taken me places and shown me things I never thought I would see
17. When I’m along with you, I’m at peace with the world
18 You were made for me
19. I can’t live without you
20. I will never upgrade to a newer model

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