How my Sunday mornings have changed

Some of Google Reader FoldersToday was a pretty typical Sunday morning.  I got up early, went for a long trail run, had a nice breakfast (Superfood by Naked Juice, a scoop of Hammer Whey protien powder followed by a hot mug of green tea) then settled into do some reading.

Fifteen years ago my routine was different in so many ways. First, the idea of running 10 miles was completely foreign. Second, breakfast was lots of sugar, fat and caffiene. Third, the reading I did was to open up the Sunday paper. I read maybe one or two articles that kind of interested me but for the most part I just flipped the pages as long as possible so I could keep having more sugar, fat and caffiene while I skimmed.

When I went to read today I fired up the MacBook, logged into Google Reader and read about 25 news articles and blog posts from the 144 subscriptions I use to bring me the information that I find valuable and worthwhile.  The RSS feed from the regional paper is only for the towns I have an interest, the blog posts come from my favorite topics (triathlon, endurnace sports, social media and technology) and sources (Slowtwitch, Endurance Planet, Mashable, Seth Godin and Steve Rubel).

Needless to say, Sunday mornings are a whole lot more enjoyable!

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