Decisions, decisions

I’ve started this post several times but right now there is no end.  The topic is next year’s race schedule and there is no end because I haven’t committed to what I’m going to do.

After the disaster learning experience in Lake Placid this summer and between the huge cost to compete in an Ironman and the time away from the familiy, I’m weighing some different options that will give me the challenge I’m looking for, not make me broke and give me some balance with my family.

The current front runner for a primary race is a 50-mile ultramarathon.  The problem is, that even after preparing and competing in 2 Ironman distance triathlons, attempting a 50-mile running race is approaching the end of my current perception of what is possible.  Which, coincidentally, is just what I’m looking for.

No commitments yet, but some serious research is underway.  Anyone out there who wants to weigh in on their ultramarathon experience would be much appreciated. I’ve already gotten some great input from Thomas on Twitter and my buddy Nathan (who completed two 50-milers this year!). I’m slowly building a twitter list of ultra-runners – please let me know in the comments who should be added to the list.

Photo Credit: Reano Deano

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