Running at warp speed

This morning I went for my first run since the marathon, which was almost three weeks ago.  I was a little nervous about how the tendonitis in my left foot would feel, but it turned out to be back to normal. Thank goodness.

I was up early, about 4:30, so after checking my e-mail, the weather and my twitter account, I headed out for my run by 5, armed with my reflective vest and headlamp.  It’s an unusually warm morning in NH for this time of year, 57 degrees, and while it isn’t raining there is a fine mist in the air.
Well, the effect that had while I was running was a little like seeing the warp speed effect on the Star Trek (my guilty pleasure in college with my roommates was watching Picard on the Next Generation episodes).
The headlamp shines a pretty focused beam of light straight in front my eyes. With the water droplets seemingly hanging in mid-air as I ran throuh them, the effect it gave was like going at warp speed – even though I was far from it. After all, It was my first run in a while.
Another way to describe, if you’ve ever driven through a snow storm at night (something we get to do plenty here in NH). It’s like the snow flying toward toward your headlights with the snow being so heavy that you can’t see much further than a few feet in front of the car because the snowflakes are catching all the light from the headlights in a successful effort to blind your driving efforts.

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