Indian Head Trail

Indian Head Trail

Yesterday I did a hike with Suzan and some of the athletes she coached this year.  We did a relatively short hike up the Indian Head Trail in Lincoln to Mount Pemigewasset.  We ended up with a perfect day that started out in the mid-30’s but climbed to the low-40’s by the time we got to the top.

Last year Suzan had a similar gathering but we did a trail run.  Having  just finished the Green Mountain Marathon a couple of weeks ago I was secretly glad that she wasn’t doing a run this year, but rather an easy hike.  Or so I thought.

It ended up being more of a power walk than an easy hike.  I don’t think Suzan could help herself – she normally either power walks the trail, or runs up it.

I knew many of the others on the hike but it was great to catch up with some other athletes and talk tri.  We were treated with the pleasure of seeing Suzan’s new bike.  A Guru Crono with customized purple paint job and lettering. I didn’t get a picture but here is the model.  

The afternoon was topped off with lunch back at Suzan’s house before the drive back to the NH seacoast.  I ended up being more beat than I thought I would and crashed on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

Seeing the bike, I got the urge to get out on mine so I’m hoping to get a ride in tomorrow even though it is supposed to be pretty chilly.

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