Green Mountain Marathon

It was a good day. I have been super busy since the race on Saturday but I wanted to give a quick update and post that I had a great race. The official time is 3:49:31 (though I got a strange e-mail from the race director asking me to confirm my bib number and time because there was some kind of confusion?). My watch showed 3:47:45.

In either case, I broke my goal time of four hours and set a new PR by at least 25 minutes! Suzan, if you are ready, you rock!

She gave me a training plan and told me it was designed for a time of 3 hours 45 minutes. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical with my previous best time of 4:15 and my longest run six weeks prior to the race was 13 miles. I know I did the work, but kudos to her for giving me the

On a bummer note, I got a horrible case of tendonitis in my left foot. It’s feeling better today, but man did it hurt.

Thanks to Tom and Tish McGonegal for taking photos of the race. She caught one of me on the way out and one at the finish line with Connor running beside me.

With the sore foot, I haven’t done anything except sleep in (which is relative, I’m out of bed by six) but I think I’m going to hit the pool tomorrow.

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