Race week

It’s been a while since posting last, which I’m not sure why. I’ve been tapering for a couple of weeks and should have more time to blog, not less. And, due to a couple of physical problems, I haven’t done any kind of workout since Sunday. Somehow I’ve kept busy.

I was up in the lakes region last weekend and had a great bike ride on a crisp Saturday fall morning with plenty of color to look at. I felt good afterwards and enjoyed some time with family. Sunday I did a 12 mile run and within the first 1/2 mile developed this strange pain in the outside of my left foot. It wasn’t enough to stop but it was consistent for the entire run.

Then, on Monday morning I wake up and have this slightly uncomfortable pain on my back side. Over the course of the day it gets worse and by Tuesday morning it is all too apparent that I have developed a saddle sore. It was bad enough that I had to go to the hospital and have it drained (nice visual, huh).

My taper schedule for the week called for some biking, swimming and a little running, none of which I could do with the discomfort the saddle sore gave me.

Thankfully, the draining and antibiotics have been helping and I’m shooting for a short run tomorrow morning before heading up to Vermont for the Saturday marathon.

I still think sub 4 hours is very possible given how I have felt on my training runs, I’m just hoping my foot holds out and saddle sore doesn’t rear it’s ugly head!

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