Tune Up weekend

Mooseman is this coming Saturday so this past weekend was my last chance to get some good training volume in.

By the look of the forecast on Friday night with a chance of rain predicted most of the day, I thought I’d be riding the trainer. When I got up it was gorgeous so I was able to get a 2-hour ride in before the rain started to fall later in the day.

Sunday I was going to head up to Wellington State Park for a GSTC Mooseman race prep training. Paul and I were going to drive up together before Paul bailed and I started to wonder if I wanted to drive 3 hours round trip for a 2 1/2 hour training. Particularly with gas at close to $4/gallon and the weather being so nice. Instead, I did my own triathlon training camp.

It started with a 15 minute bike ride to the pool. I swam for about 30 minutes before getting back on the bike and riding for about 30 miles. I finished up with a four mile run which was harder than I expected. The temperature had gotten pretty warm and I haven’t gotten a lot of training in the warm weather yet.

Good thing because the forecast for the race this weekend is temps in the 80’s!

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