Chilly swim

The primary pool I swim in is the Dover Indoor pool. The typical pool temp is 82 – 84 degrees, very comfortable to swim in.

So last night I’m trying to decide if I want to take advantage of the 80 degree sunny day and do a bike ride or do what is on the schedule – a 1800 yard straight swim. With my shoulder not feeling great a few weeks ago and my swim yardage being lower than I would like at this point in the season I opt to swim. However, I went to the UNH pool instead because it is closer to the house and has open lap times until 7.

Who knew that a few degrees would make such a difference in comfort?! I didn’t notice the 75 degree water temp written on a while board until I left, all I knew was that for the first 50 yards it was cold enough to not get a good breathing rhythm and reminded me of what next weeks swim will be like in Newfound Lake during the Mooseman Tri. Temps are usually in the mid-60’s for that race but it is bearable with a wetsuit.

After a few hundred yards the water actually felt pretty comfortable. I’d compare it to running when it is in the 40’s or 50’s outside. Cool when you start but comfortable after you get going.

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