This week’s long(er than expected) run

One might ask, when you have a limited amount of time to workout before work, why you wouldn’t plan out your route when you go on a run. I should have asked myself this question today.

Today was my long run and the plan was for 90 minutes which would be around 10 miles. Originally I thought I would just go out 45 minutes and then turn around and come 45 minutes back. But, when I got out 45 minutes I thought I could take a little more scenic route to get back and at the time I didn’t think it was any longer than what I had just run. I was wrong.

When I hit 90 minutes I was still about 2 miles away from my house . I’ve been following my coach’s plan which has incremental increases in my long run time/distance. My long run last week was 80 minutes. This is my longest run of the year so far and even though I’m starting to feel worn out, I had told my wife that I would be 90 minutes and I didn’t want her to worry. So, I think the last two miles were about the fastest.

I ended up doing 11.5 miles in a little under 103 minutes, eating and showering quickly before heading out the door to work. Thankfully it is a relatively slow day today so I can hopefully recover a little bit.

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