Close call on the bike

With temps in the 70′ I was able to get a longish ride in with Brett from GSTC. We got about 30 miles in and it was still light out when we got back! Overall it was a decent pace with periods of chatting and others at a tempo pace.

Coming back towards Durham on Durham Point Road, the ride was beautiful along Great Bay. There was hardly any traffic and the roads are smooth for the most part.

We hadn’t seen any cars for probably ten minutes and Brett and I were riding side by side. There was a Saab coming our direction which is where my focus was when a deer came bolting out if front of us from our side of the road. It scooted also in front of the Saab and my eyes were following it into the woods when I heard Brett’s voice from behind me. When I turned my focus back to the road there was a 2nd deer following into the road. I slammed on my brakes but was able to stay upright. The deer just about lost its back leg footing on the road surface but eventually regained control and slipped into the woods.


Up to that point and after that point the ride was pretty uneventful. I fortunately have not had too many close calls like that. But when they happen, it certain makes you stop and take pause.

And it wasn’t enough to keep me off the bike, temps are forecast for the 70’s again!

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