One Week Down, A Lifetime To Go

It’s been a little more than a week since I moved to Colorado and I’ve thoroughly wiped myself out.  After not having the time to get regular workouts because of work and commuting I’ve been making up for lost time. In the past week I’ve done 3 runs, 2 bike rides and 1 swim. I even shot some hoops (which I also haven’t done in a long time!) I’m now thoroughly wiped out and it feels great! Unfortunately I had forgotten the fulfillment I get from regular training and ending the weekend completely spent.

The first week of work was spectacular! Peaksware is filled with an incredibly passionate and authentic group of people who all seem to thrive as much as I do on either swimming, biking, running or all three! It’s no wonder TrainingPeaks is so successful – I guess that is what happens when you put a bunch of passionate and driven athletes together and get them working on products that help other athletes be their best!

Colorado is everything I thought it might be. It is a beautiful part of the country filled with people who love the outdoors. During a two hour ride on Saturday I must have seen 150 other cyclists, and even more throughout the rest of the day while I was getting errands done throughout the day.

As week 2 starts the lesson I’ve learned is that I don’t need to catch up on my training all in one week! Besides, going from living at sea level to living at 5,400 ft above sea level necessitates that I take several weeks to acclimate!

Stay tuned!

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