Take Some (Cycling) Action

Photo courtesy Austin Yellow BikeI’ve been fortunate during my time in the bike industry to be exposed to some great organizations that help promote cycling and that use cycling as a tool to further other worthy causes. No matter whether you ride a bike to commute, race, do errands, get healthy or as part of a a multi-sport event, you’ll likely benefit by getting involved with one of the organizations below through either your volunteer efforts, your donations, or both.

People For Bikes: People for Bikes is spearheading a petition to help policy makers, media and the public know how important cycling is to our health, our environment and our culture. Sign the pledge and help bring them closer to their goal. If you are in an organization that is part of the cycling community then consider joining Bikes Belong, People for Bikes sister organization.

Bikes Not Bombs: Bikes Not Bombs uses cycling to help promote community development and alternative transportation in both the US and internationally. Programs include preparing and shipping used bikes (about 6,000 annually!) to people in countries where a bike can mean the difference between getting to work or going hungry, to helping local children earn a bike through confidence building and awareness activities.

Rails to Trails: Rails to Trails is leading efforts to transform America’s unused rail lines into trails for recreational use.  A great example of recycling in a unique way!

League of American Bicyclists: As their tagline says: “Working for a Bicycle Friendly America”. Some of their top initatives include Safe Routes to School and National Bike Month.

Alliance for Biking and Walking: The Alliance for Biking and Walking is a “coalition of grassroots bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations.” and has assembled a huge selection of resources in their online library to help you promote cycling where you live.

 Livestrong: Livestrong is the organization founded by Lance Armstrong to support cancer prevention, finding a cure for cancer and providing a support network for those with cancer. The network of cycling related events that help raise money for this organization continues to grow.

In addition to these national organizations there are countless other local efforts going on in towns and cities in both the US and abroad. What are the other organizations are you involved with?

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