Week 1 in the books

The run mileage for my first week only totaled 34 this week when it should have been a little over 50, but considering I was barely able to walk after a calf injury 3 weeks ago, I’m feeling pretty good about the week.  I had some residual calf pain this week, except for today so it feels like I’m moving in the right direction.

As for the rest of my leg muscles, they are feeling pretty beat up after about 9 1/2 miles on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday.  Frankly, I missed that feeling. Part of the draw to endurance sports is having the option to push myself a bit. The muscle pain is the physical proof that I’ve done that and I actually find it fulfilling.

One thing I’ve found that is helping my muscle recovery is the recovery socks I’ve started using.  I was pretty skeptical giving them a try but after a recommendation from my doctor to help speed the calf injury and my impatience to start running again I picked up a pair by 2XU at the Trek Store.

Even though they aren’t the best looking fashion accessory (as noted below!) they’ve done what I needed them to do by helping my muscles recover from the quick increase in training mileage.

2XU Recovery Socks

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