2010 in 2010 and a few more things to shoot for

Despite my recent post that referenced Bike Snob NYC’s perspective on New Year’s resolutions, I have been going through the process of creating my own goals for 2010. The ones that are pertinent to this blog I’ve posted below in hopes of it being a way to keep me accountable.  If you are one of the three or four people who regularly read ;-), keep checking in with me this year to make sure I’m on track..


  1. Run 2,010 miles in 2010. I’m keep track with others working towards the same challenge on DailyMile.com
  2. Complete a 50k ultramarathon
  3. Complete a 50 mile ultramarathon
  4. Reach a race weight of 185 pounds for both races (I’m 195 pounds now)


They’ll be regular updates on how all of these are going as the year progresses.

A quick update on number 1, I only have 2,000 miles to go after my 10 mile run on New Year’s Day!

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