Check out Twiddla for virutal meetings

A colleague turned me on to a collaboration tool today that I wanted to share.  The tool is called Twiddla and is a virtual white board platform that is super-easy to use and doesn’t require any download or even signing up for an account.

I’m working a website development and design project and we had a couple of site concepts to look at plus some graphics and a document to review.  There is a browser built right into the system that allows you to view any website plus a toolbox tucked into the bottom of the site that allows for uploading of graphics and documents.

Anything that you put onto the white board can be manipulated with a set of annotation tools including text and drawing tools. As my colleague made annotations to the website and document we were looking at his username would appear above the changes allowing me to see who was making the change.

Another window on the side of the frame  kept a record of each action and who made the change making it easy to rollback and see the history of the session. When you are done, take a snapshot of the whiteboard and save it for future reference.

I only spent about 45 minutes in the system on my first time and felt comfortable right away. If my experience is similar to my initial one, I’m sure after checking out more of the features will be simple.

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