Half of 26 is 15, huh?

I’m heading down to Falmouth, MA this afternoon to do the Cape Cad Marathon relay on Sunday morning.  I’m doing the race with my brother who asked me to run it with him several months ago.  I don’t get a chance to run with him often so I told him I’d love to.

I think it is reasonable to assume that when you are doing a marathon relay with one other person that each person would run 13.1 miles, right?  While making final plans with my brother this week I asked how his training was coming. He casually said, “it’s going OK, but would you mind taking the harder legs?”  I have kept up my running since Ironman Lake Placid this year regularly getting in 10 mile runs on the weekend and feeling pretty fit, so I said sure.

Well, this week I finally go around to checking out the course map to see what exactly I had gotten myself into.  I quickly come to find out that the relay is split up into 5 legs.  The closest we can get to an even split for leg length is 15 and 11 miles!  Guess who is doing the 15.


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