The end is in sight

Three days to go until my last triathlon of the year, the Great Pumpkin Challenge. A sprint distance race on Saturday followed by a 1/2 Iron distance on Sunday. My original race schedule for the year didn’t include any racing after Ironman Lake Placid, but after a DNF at that race I signed up for the back to back races.

My Son asked me why I was doing this event, which caught me off guard a bit. He’s seen me do several races including 2 Ironmans, several 1/2 Ironmans and several marathons so it stumped me why he found signing up for this race so strange. But, I told him straight up that it was an attempt to redeem my season and that I didn’t want a DNF to be how it ended.

Had I not signed up for that race I probably would have been a blob on the couch for the rest of the summer. Knowing I had one more major challenge for the year has gotten me out the door to train, even after what has been a very long season that started on January 1.

I’ve had a hard time staying motivated over the past few weeks but the in the last few days my excitement and desire to race has really grown. I’ve been reading David Goggins Blog for some motivation. Read about him if you can – he’s an incredibly driven person with a perspective on suffering in endurance sports like nothing I’ve ever seen. His perspective has helped on many of my recent long training sessions.

Yes, I’m looking forward to a break from the intense training schedule. BUT, my mind is swirling with ideas about what’s the next endurance challenge. Any ideas…

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