Experience the Ironman, virtually

My family and will be in Lake Placid this weekend to give me the support I know I’ll need through race day. To make it easier for them to follow I’ve set up a couple of tools which I wanted to share here. Several friends have expressed an interest in following along on race weekend.

http://www.ironmanlive.com/ – This site will have several splits throughout the day in addition to a live video feed of the finish line. Whether you see me cross the line or not, I find it inspiring to watch athletes cross, in particular as the midnight deadline approaches. If (that’s a big “if”) I meet my finish line goals I hope to be crossing by about 8pm and an 7am start. However, Ironman can be unpredictable so it could also be anywhere from 8pm to midnight. Mostly likely I’ll finish somewhere between 8pm and 9pm.

www.twitter.com/davecriswell – I’m going to try and update my Twitter feed as often as possible with pictures and how the pre and post race activities are going. I’m going to show Amy how to update Twitter as well so there may be a few guest tweets from her on race day.

Live GPS tracking – Thanks to the wonders of GPS, I’ve rented a GPS tracker that I’ll be wearing for at least the bike and run. This is my first experience with the device but as I understand it, visitors to the links below will be able to see live tracking including speed and elevations. Pretty cool! The links are below for this tracking:

From handhelds: www.MapMyAthlete.com/pdatrak.aspx?name=024971

The deadline for donations that will count towards the Janus Charity Challenge is Saturday. I need to report to Janus by 2pm. So, it’s not too late to donate! Donate here.

2 days to go!

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