How Twitter Saved Me 80 Dollars

Photo Credit - Stevewilliamsphotos
Photo Credit - Stevewilliamsphotos

I’m in the process of training for Ironman Lake Placid. It’s my 2nd time doing the race and prior to my first race I did a training weekend to prepare. It was incredibly helpful last time, so I decided to do it again for this year’s race.

I made reservations at a reasonably priced hotel for $80/night and felt pretty good about it. Over the past several months I’ve been interacting through Twitter with individuals and business from Lake Placid as I tweeted about my race preparations.  More recently I saw some interesting posts from the High Peaks Resort and decided to follow them.  Their marketing guy, Bill, is pretty sharp and is using a great example of how a business can increase revenue using Twitter and other social media.

They are having a spring special called Elevate Your Rate. Here is the explanation from their website:

To celebrate Spring, the region and the High Peaks for 46 straight days beginning on April 22nd we will be “elevating” a special rate for 46 minutes each day based on the elevation of one of the 46 High Peaks. For example a rate based on the 4867 foot elevation of Whiteface Mountain will be $48.67.

How will you know which 46 minutes these rates will be available? Some time between 8am and 8pm EST each day we will alert friends, fans and followers through our Twitter Profile and Facebook Page. After the update is posted the “elevated” rate of the day will become available for 46 minutes! It used to be that you’d have to actually climb all 46 of the High Peaks to be considered a true 46’er; well now there’s another way to reach the top.

 So, I set my Twitter account to follow the High Peaks Resort via SMS.  Sure enough, that morning I got the text that the Elevate Your Rate was available and booked my room for $40/night, half of what my other reservation was going to be for a total savings of $80.  Thanks Bill.

What other examples have you seen Twitter make a real impact to the bottom line?

2 Replies to “How Twitter Saved Me 80 Dollars”

  1. You’re welcome Dave! Thank you for blogging about our Elevate Your Rate promotion. I love that you got in on it. You make me out to sound like some sort of expert (I like it!) I’m impressed you used SMS to follow the updates and get in on the promo. Tricky! I’m out of town this weekend – would have loved to say hi . Have a great training weekend though!

    1. Bill, Kudos to High Peaks on our stay. The remodel looks great and the room was fantastic. I loved the overhead rain showers. It felt good after some long days. The $2 pints at The Dancing Bear were another favorite!

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