For me, Twitter search is replacing Google

I’ve become a huge iGoogle fan. I venture to guess that I have an iGoogle tab open for 90% of the time that I’m on the web. Some of my favorite modules include Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar and Google Hot Trends.

Today I happened to see Bo Jackson was the number one hot topic.  I hadn’t seen his name in a while so I clicked on the link to see what the buzz was about. What was curious is that the top results were Bo’s wikipedia entry, some YouTube entries and an ESPN feature. Nothing that would indicate why Bo is a “Hot Topic”.  After scanning down a few entries, there it was, something about Bo Jackson starting a bank?!


I recently read a post on about using Twitter search as an alternative to Google for breaking news and events, so, I gave it a shot and here are the results:


And  there we go. The Twitter Search window shows the most recent mentions of the news that Bo has gotten into banking.  Does this mean I’m giving up Google? Not altogether but if I truly want to find the “Hot Trends” I’ll be starting my search on Twitter Search.

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