Winter distractions

It’s been a while…here’s the story.

Trying to relive the glory days.
In an effort to re-live my glory days playing high school basketball, I participated in my high school alumni game over Thanksgiving weekend. As I was diving for the loose ball out of bounds I remember thinking to myself that I should have just let it go. But alas, I didn’t and I could feel a sharp pain in my rib as I landed.

The ER Visit
Seven hours later at about 3am I was leaving the ER having been through an x-ray and CT scan to make sure there was no internal damage or broken ribs. While it was just diagnosed as a contusion, it still meant 3 – 4 weeks of recovery time before really being able to do any running or swimming.
For the first 10 days or so, even riding a spin bike or being on the trainer was painful. And sneezing or coughing, forget about it!  After about 15 or 16 days things started to get back to normal.  No running or swimming yet but I’ve been able to ride the trainer regularly again and do some lower body strength work.

The distractions
Life has still been crazy with the reduced training workload.  In the past 3 weeks we’ve had an ice storm, snow storm, layoffs at work (thankfully not my position, but I’m busier as a result), and the general hysteria generated by the holiday season.
The snow and holiday distractions have been good. I just got back in from playing in the snow with Connor and looking forward to celebrating Christmas with friends and family. The ice storm and work layoffs have not been so good but we plug along….
Ready to train
While the forced training has left time for other things, I’m really looking forward to beginning formal Ironman training.  The plan is to begin on January 1st.  As of today there are 217 days to go!

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