Love the weather, hate the loss of daylight

It’s been a good but challenging week of training. I was hiking this weekend up and around Mt. Cardigan (pictures to follow soon) and I started off the week already sore from the terrain. It was more challenging than I was expecting. Sleeping in a tent didn’t help either.

I’ve had to rearrange the week’s training because my 15th wedding anniversary is next weekend and I figure Amy wouldn’t want me training all weekend while we are celebrating.

So last night I had to get in both a swim and a run, but it’s getting dark pretty close to 8. So, I had Amy drop me off at Masters and swam from 6:30 to 7:30, then got on my running shoes and reflective vest and started the 7 mile run home. About 1/2 way into it I turned off of the main roads onto back country roads, with no street lighting, and no day light. Luckily I knew the roadsd and could tell roughly where I was but it was a little strange running in complete darkness, since I didn’t bring a headlamp or any other lighting.

The upside – the temps were in the 60’s, the air was crisp, dry and perfect for running. I’ll have to plan a little better next time and make sure I have some lighting.

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