Wiped out

I had a great week of training last week. I fit all my workouts in despite having to shuffle things around because of the constant thunderstorms throughout the week.

The way I was forced to shuffle them around I ended up with a double session on Friday that consisted of a long swim workout in the morning followed by a difficult brick workout afterwork. The next morning was a 12 mile run followed by a 2000 yard swim. Sunday was the annual GSTC ride around Lake Winnipausaukee which is a 62 mile hilly course that kicked my butt.

Thankfully, Monday was a day off before getting back to the routine on Tuesday. I hadn’t fully recovered by Tuesday. I did an hour run that felt like it was two. My legs felt like cement and I realized then that I probably shouldn’t have crammed all those workouts in last weekend.

I felt better at Masters swimming on Tuesday night but lesson was learned on re-scheduling workouts too close together.

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