1st Half Iron in 18 months

Last Saturday I completed my first half Ironman since 2006. The year I did Ironman Lake Placid I finished the year with Firm Man in Narragansett, RI. I’ll do a full race report another time. I’ve been enjoying some easy training days but it has been extremely humid out so I haven’t been very motivated to get on the computer and do any writing.

The humidity broke today and even though I’ve had a few rides and a swim, it hasn’t been very enjoyable with the level of humidity out there.

It is one week until I leave for Lake Placid to volunteer for the race and hopefully sign up for the 2009 race!

I’m also fully entrenched in the Tour de France. With all the doping controversy and Team Astana not being invited back, I didn’t think I would be all that interested this year. I was wrong. With all of the changes this year it is actually turning out to be interesting to watch.

I hope to post more often for the rest of this month.

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