Tough weekend

It’s been a while since my last post, I hope to have my Mooseman Race Report up soon.

This weekend I struggled. Amy had surgery on Friday and while everything went well in terms of the result, it was still a surgery and the recovery will take several days. As a result I’ve been picking up all of the household duties this weekend with the help of Connor and Skip.

I was able to get a ride in yesterday. I was out for just about four hours, down to the Massachusetts border and back. It was a windy day, which made Route 1A a blessing on the way south with a tail wind and a curse on the way back with the wind in my face. It was the longest ride of the year and I definitely had some ups and downs.

The plan was to run today and swim also. I got the swim in but had to move the run until tomorrow morning. I had a lot of errands to do today between grocery shopping, buying clothes for Connor for my brothers wedding next weekend and keeping up with the house. I decided to get some things done around the house this morning and then get the training in this afternoon.

I was reminded of how much my eating schedule is determined by the training schedule. Because I decided to not trainin in the morning, I decided to have an actual breakfast, which included a rare cup of coffee. Bad idea. By the time I went to the pool around 11, my energy level had spiked and plummeted. I had 2,500 yards straight swim on the schedule and I struggled after the first 500. Because I was so wiped after that I decided to put my run off until tomorrow morning.

We’ll see how that goes given the Celtics are playing tonight starting at 9 PM!

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