Been a while

I wish I had the time to post here every time I had something to write about. This past week was particularly busy.

Since my last post I’ve had some tough but fulfilling workouts. The most memorable was last Saturday which consisted of all three sports. My son and I went to the UNH pool where I did a swim workout while he played around. That was fun but the memorable part was to come. I still had a 1 hour 15 minute run followed by 30 minute ride on the trainer. We had a lot of errands to do during the day after swimming so I wasn’t able to start running until about 5:30. That long a run isn’t normally that big a deal but it had been raining all day and by the time I left the temperature was 34 degrees and still pouring rain.

I’ve always like running in the rain but after being out all day, swimming earlier in the day and the cold weather it was one of the most difficult runs to finish that I’ve ever had. By the time I got back, I was soaked, cold and emotionally drained. There were actually a couple of times when I considered stopping at a house and calling my wife to come pick me up.

It was one of those character building runs that I thought that I would never finish, but that I did finish AND went and got on the trainer afterwards also.

I figure that getting through a few of these sessions will help give me the reference points I need to get through the tough points in a race.

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