Started the plan

Up until today I was spreading my workouts as evenly as possible between swim, bike and run trying to do enough to maintain some level of fitness gained from when I did the Manchester Marathon.

However, I started with Suzan’s (my coach) training plan today. It felt good to have some structure around my workouts, both from the larger perspective of figuring out how to fit 10 – 12 hours of training in per week to the individual workout structures. Today started with a 30 minute run that included 3 sets of drills and strides. Doing skip drills and heel kicks in the dark on a country road at five in the morning gave me the feeling that I’ve moved from “working 0ut” to “training”.

Tonight is Master’s and during the day I need to re-join my gym because my strength training starts tomorrow. I’m feeling good about my nutrition, the scale this morning said 202 lbs and 16% body fat. The weight is more than I want to be at now (I’d like to be down to 195 by the time Mooseman arrives) but my nutrition routine is feeling solid.

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