Turned the corner

I’d have to say that over the last week and a half I’ve turned the corner from sporadic winter workouts to regular pre-season training. Even though I’m not starting my official base work until Feburary 1st, I’ve gotten into a nice routine of getting to bed relatively early and up a little before 5 to get a workout in.

After doing the Manchester marathon in November I’ve worked out when I got around to it. But, there were plenty of mornings when hitting the snooze button too many times meant I had to get to work and no time to work out.

I think the first race of the year is going to be the Big Lake 1/2 Marathon in May. There is usually a good contingent from GSTC that does the race which makes it fun. I know of at least one co-worker who is also doing the race. Big Lake will be a good test of fitness before the first Tri of the year, Mooseman in early June

I may do a 5 or 10k prior to that but we’ll have to see how the spring shapes up.

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