I did a little over a six mile run today. While I usually run in the morning, I had a late night on Thursday and got up to ride the trainer early on Friday. So I was pretty wiped out this morning and decided to run in the afternoon.

Running in the afternoon has never been all that great for me. I usually don’t feel like I have the energy like I do in the morning. Most of the time I’ll skip lunch so I don’t eat too close to an afternoon run. But, I don’t know why I bother, because it seems like almost any afternoon run I do doesn’t feel great.

Today I felt gassy for the whole run and stopped several times to, well, you know.

I’m excited for the GSTC training tomorrow. On the schedule is a 2-hour swim session that will include an underwater video analysis, very cool. The club is then coming over to our house to watch the videos and have a little breakfast. It will be good times.

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